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Paul Elissiry & Chris Larsgaard, Private Investigators

Client Testimonials

Estate Research has obtained millions of dollars for hundreds of clients throughout the world. Here are words of thanks and actual letters received from some of our past clients:

"...I would like to thank you for your work in locating me and for the expeditious manner in which your firm handled the settlement."

Lorraine Wilkin (October 1989)

"...Your professional handling of the many details associated with the recovery of this inheritance prompts me to offer my recommendation of your company to any person contemplating using your company."

E. Bill Hart (September 1990)

"...This is a very belated thank you for locating the family of George Peterson so that wecould benefit from his estate… It was interesting to hear how your company operates and sounds like you probably have some very interesting experiences in your investigations…I wish you well in your business pursuits."

Mike Hall (February 1991)

"...the inheritance check arrived and I think it is the most interesting thing to happen to me in many years. Paul, you did a fantastic job… We all appreciate everything you did for us. It would be fun to meet you someday…"

Goldalee Latter (March 1991)

"…Thanks for your energy and effort. The timing is perfect…A unique experience – apositive one! If you are ever in Seattle, feel free to look me up."

Bonnie Hilary (March 1991)

"...I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us. We are thankful you were inspired to find Don with all the Miller's out there in the world. Receiving the money was a great surprise... We truly love and appreciate all you did…"

Don Miller (February 1994)

"…We both really appreciated so much that you were able to locate him. He was very surprised… He was very happy to receive his check… If you are ever up this way, please stop in…"

Ray Brett (November 1996)

"...I would like to thank you for the research you did on this account. We received the check today. We would have never known that this existed without your help. We certainly appreciated you pursuing this matter for us."

Joanne Yates (December 1996)

"…Just a note to thank you and your staff for the work done…Paul, you fill a valuable niche particularly in a society like ours which is based on law…If you ever want to use us as a reference feel free to do so. Again Thanks."

Henry Ensler (January 1997)

"...Thank you for your letter… Since your firm was dealing with a "Doubting Thomas", it is reassuring to know there are people working out there who mean what they say…"

Muriel Lobb (February 1997)

"…I wish you all the best to you and to your kind family, lots of success in your work… Many heartily thanks to you. It really was very nice of you."

Emilie Katerenakova (December 1997)

"…I thank you very much and with great appreciation of your vocation!"

Mollie Goldberg (March 1998)

"…I wish to thank you for the courteous service which your firm provided. I would be more than pleased to be a reference at any time if you felt that I could be helpful in this regard."

Paul Hupf, Attorney at Law (July 1998)

"...I wish to express my thanks for your efficient handling of this discovered inheritance. Your patience, persistence and polite handling of this matter speaks well for your firm and for you as an individual. Needless to say, my first response was skeptical, but I was quickly impressed by your honesty and candor."

Martin Switters (July 1998)

"...Thanks a lot for this unexpected "gift". You do good work… When we first started with the recovery process all of my friends thought it was some sort of hoax… Should you ever be in Honolulu look me up."

Michael Welsh (October 1998)

"...I am grateful for your help and cooperation in this matter. If I may ever be called on to vouch for your firm, I shall be more than glad to do so... My profound thanks to you."

Ralph Seifer (November 1998)

"…Thank you for your assistance in handling this estate. Enclosed is our check in payment of your finder’s fee…We appreciate your efforts on our behalf."

American Heart Association (September 1999)

"..Just a quick note to say thank you for all you've done. You have always been patient, sympathetic, honest, and have truly held our best interests at heart. Please express our thanks to your staff as well, they have always been very helpful. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross once again."

Diane (March 2000)

"Thank you for informing me about the existence of the unlisted bank account in the name of my deceased brother… You kept me informed on the status of the efforts to recover a part of the estate… It was a pleasure talking with you several times…"

Jesse B. (March 2000)

"...I believe in miracles! During these last years of school, I have been wondering how I was going to go to school full time, study full time and work. You answered my prayers… Thank you for finding me!!"

Kathryn (September 2000)

"On behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., corporate trustee of the Donald G. Watts Trust... I am pleased to enclose a check. This payment is for your services done for the Watts estate."

Mary, Wells Fargo Bank (September 2000)

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